Membership Meeting April 8th 2018

Highlights of the General Membership Meeting April 8th, 2018

Elections of Officers, Directors and Delegates.

Vice President #3 -Rich Larsen

Sargent at Arms-Les Wald

Director #10-Youth – Sebastian Beth

Director #9 -Joan Rennert

Director #8 – Tom Kwas

State Delegates (for 2018-2109 season) Cathy Larrabee, Joan Rennert, Glenn Chapman, Joe Crocco and Carmen Mortensen.

National Delegates- Glenn Chapman and Joan Rennert

Congrats to the new Officers, Directors and Delegates. The Board wishes to thank all the bowlers that submitted candidate forms and the bowlers that expressed interest from being nominated from the floor.

President Remarks-Kim Westerlund remarked on how well this season is going. The merger is going well and the committees of the new merged association have been working hard to get operations and policies in place and there is still work to be done.

Manager Report-Glenn Red Chapman reported on the number of members, 230 youth 596 women WBA and 1278 BA memberships (local, association or hall of fame).

Glenn also reported on the awards program,  a new award for the women for 75 over game and 125 series was purchased and about 55 of these have been given out (purse hanger), also about 85% of membership now have the 50 game and 100 series award, soon as we run out of these, the committee will look into a new award for this achievement. Glenn reported that the association has started to hand out certificates for 100 pins over average (13) step ladder series (2), 11 in a row (51), dutch 200 games (2) 700 series for women (35) 700 series for youth (15), first 300 game (5) first 800 (7) and first 500/600 series (5). Glenn indicated that these awards sometimes are not given to association, association needs help from the center and leagues secretaries or the bowlers for information. Phil Ontko thanked the association for all they do and bowler appreciation is important. Phil also asked if more information about awards can be handed out or posted for the bowlers to see what they can earn. With no more questions, the report was accepted into minutes by membership.

Financial Report-Glenn Chapman; a hand out was included in the meeting packet. Members had a chance to review and with no questions, the report was accepted by membership.

Hall of Fame/Bowler Appreciation-Bill Lister: Bill report that hall of fame ballots have been sent out and are starting to received. These ballots will be counted on April 21st, 2108. Bill mentioned the dinner will be May 21st at Fountain Hall in Sturtevant, Social Hour will be at 5:30pm, dinner will start about 6:30pm and program after dinner. Banners will be posted in all centers after the April 21st meeting. Tickets will be $25.00 from all GRA officers and directors and $35.00 at the door. City tournament winners will be mailed a letter starting they get a free ticket and will be refunded at the door. Trying to get a better count of people attending. Each center will handle their 300/800 tickets with their bowlers. Bill asked the members in attendance to help us look for women bowlers that could be worthy of being nominated. Report accepted in minutes by membership.

Bowler of the Year Point System-Tork Jacobsen; The new proposed bowler (men, women and Youth) point system was in the meeting packet. Tork went over the changes to this proposal. The big change will be that, state and national points will be removed. This will make tournaments within our association have a bigger impact on the bowlers of the year. Tork remark that this system is not perfect and can always be changed in the future and ask if bowlers have comments, to let us know so we can bring to committee and board. One last item, Tork mentioned that this system can not change during the year. Year will be May to April of the current season. Report accepted into minutes.

Legislative-Joan Rennert; Joan reported that this committee has met 5/6 times to work on the new operations handbook for the association. There has been progress made, but still work to be completed. Once completed, will sent to board for approval. Report accepted into minutes by membership.

Unfinished Business-Kim Westerlund; President followed up from a request by a member about Pacers rules. Kim indicated he talked to rules department at USBC and the rules stated that pacers scores count towards bowlers total achievement list. Their scores do not count for average. Kim also indicated that the Association can not change a National by law, but leagues can adopt a rule to make pacers scores count towards averages. Phil Ontko stated that this would be a manual job at centers as center software does not allow pacer scores be included into league totals. Jean Dreager, being a league secretary for years said most would not want to do this either as this adds more to their duties.

New Business-All Members; With no new business to come before the board.

Meeting adjourn at 2:29pm

Submitted by

Glenn Red Chapman

GRA USBC Manager

2 thoughts on “Membership Meeting April 8th 2018

  • April 10, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    So everyone that bowled in city tournament will be invited to the Hall of Fame dinner? When will you announce the bowler of the year nominees?

    • April 10, 2018 at 9:31 pm

      Will we receive on prizes at the hall of fame dinner?


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